Artist Statement

I am interested in the ways that, for those who are paying attention to the world around us, our imagination is capable of animating the often banal and inanimate experiences and objects in our day-to-day lives. In my work, I draw from these daily occurrences and elevate common objects to higher ground by focusing all my energy and attention on them.

Exploring gesture, line, color, form and texture, I play with these elements to see how they can figuratively obscure the object. By selectively picking certain characteristics from the object that convey a slight gesture or sense of humor, I leave room for ambiguity, opening the door for viewers to enter and interact with the work. Color is incredibly important in my work, both the complete saturation that creates its own movement or vibrations to the seemingly absence of color where I rely on texture to create a similar movement.

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Salt Pile XI by Melissa Dorn Richards

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